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A Little About Us:

Whether you need full 999 emergency ambulance cover,  on-site hospital provision, or just need a single medical specialist to cover smaller event needs, then MedRoc is the right company for you.

We are one of the UKs leading private medical organisations, providing high quality health care to the patient at the time and place that they need it. Through a combination of experience and strong understanding we believe in our ethos of “bringing the hospital to the patient”.

Clients We Work With:

MedRoc have a wealth of experience in providing medical support to both public and private events. Over the last few years, MedRoc have successfully treated thousands of event attendees at Bestival, Camp Bestival and Sonisphere. In addition, we are currently contracted to provide medical cover to West Midlands Ambulance Service and South Central Ambulance service.

Emergency Response –

We provide a professional frontline 999 emergency medical service to the NHS Emergency Ambulance Service, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We offer bespoke event medical cover ranging from a fully equipped on-site hospital to ambulance and first aid services. Wenatchee Plumbers Find out how we can keep your event attendees as safe as possible.

A Road Trip from Way Over There to Way Over Here Part 2

Finally, it was time to head back to Wyoming!

You wouldn’t believe it if I told you that the drive was smooth, free from error or issue. But that’s the reality. We didn’t experience anything odd. We stopped more often to take pictures, eat good food and so on. Our favorite, by far was a place called Coyote Bluff Cafe. Great wings and mozzarella cheese sticks.

We didn’t stop at all in the Denver area this time around, somewhat jokingly, but also someone seriously in fear of experiencing something bad again.

In total, we took over 5,000 photos, some from our DSLRs, some from our phones and even a few odd ones from my GoPro. We did get a speeding ticket at the Colorado and Wyoming Border, but thankfully the patrolman only marked that we were going 5 over, instead of 20. Speed limit around those parts is 75 MPH, so we were costing at a fast and furious 95 MPH.

I rambled more than I planned in this story. But what more could you expect from a guy who enjoys doing strange things like talk about material handing equipment repair. But, it was part two to a story that really didn’t have much excitement. The most interesting part is that we made it back alive in one piece. Based on our trip to Dallas, we had our concerns!

That’s it for now. Hit me up on Facebook on what story you’d like for me to share next.

A Road Trip from Way Over Here to Way Over There Part 1

Last month I took a road trip. We started in Las Vegas NV, and drove all the way to Dallas, TX.

This trip should have taken us no more than 20 hours, and that’s with plenty of time planned for rest stops along the way. Considering there were three of us driving, there’s honestly no reason it should have taken us more than 16 hours. This would have been right in line with what the map told us.

Some how, like always, my trip was plagued with unfortunate events. It all started off by needing to get an oil changed, after we loaded up the roof of the car. This wasn’t in the plan, but my “trusted” friend failed to get a oil change for 5,000 miles. Considering we were driving a 2,000 mile round trip, it was critical  to get that before we departed to Dallas.

Our drive, believe it or not, went rather smoothly through the boring drive. We made up with good conversation, beef jerky and soda. Not a healthy trip, considering we ate at just about every major fast food chain in WY, CO and TX, but it didn’t put a big dent in our pocks.

Our drive went relatively smooth, minus a two issues in Colorado. Right at the border of WY and CO, we got a flat tire. We were luck that the car we were driving didn’t come with a donut tire, rather a full scale tire. So, we replaced it and kept on our journey. And, before leaving Dallas, we actually replaced the bad tire, just to be on the safe side in case we needed it for our drive back to WY.

One location we were dying see was DIA. There’s so many stories about that airport so we had to take a visit since it was only 15 minutes off route. Our plan was to spend about 30 minutes there looking around, but that 30 minutes quickly turned to 2 hours.

In an attempt regain some energy, we decided to find the closes coffee shot, which, thankfully was Starbucks. I love Starbucks! Anyhow, we went in, got all of our goods, and headed back to the car. BUT… (there’s always a but when I’m involved) … the car doors were locked. Usually this is to be expected, but on this occasion, the keys were locked in the car. OF COURSE!

To add fuel to the fire, we left the car running, expecting to only a few minutes getting our beverages. So, here we are, stuck in some little Denver suburb balled Commerce City. Obviously we needed to get in our car, and after about 30 minutes of trying to gain access ourselves, finally, we agreed to call a professional. Thankfully Google made this easy. Googling Locksmith Commerce City on my iPhone put us in touch with a great older guy who got us take care of in minutes. It sucked having to pay for something so simple, but $50 later, we were on our journey.

The rest of CO was smooth driving. Getting into Texas was wonderful. We stopped at the first sight of a BBQ place, which was decent. We tried searching for a high rated place, but our phone service was weak, and the area was pretty remote. Oh well. We most certainly made up for it when we made it to Dallas.

The duration of our trip went well. So, getting to Dallas wasn’t so bad… BUT just wait until you hear part 2 about our trip back to Casper.

More to come, soon!


Welcome to My Blog

Hello Friends! With delight I welcome you to my new blog. I don’t have any fancy plans about what I’m going to write about, but I’m excited to share stories and life experiences with you. As you’re use to getting my crazy rumblings from social media, I thought it was important to consolidate my thoughts in one central location, which will be this medroc.org.

That’s all for now!